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Bandimex Buckles

Bandimex Buckle for single or double wrapped Bandimex Band, for 1/4 in. Band Width, S 252, SS-CrNi, 100 pcs./box

Stock No.: 002-227

Mfr. Part No.: S 252

Brand: Bandimex

Origin: Germany

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₱1,290.18 - ₱2,696.43
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Bandimex Buckles are essential components designed to secure stainless steel bands in various applications. These buckles are engineered for use with Bandimex banding systems and are known for their high strength, reliability and ease of use.


1. Materials:

- Made from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring excellent resistance to corrosion and durability in harsh environments.
- Available in different grades of stainless steel to suit various environment and load-bearing requirements.

2. Design:

- Designed to provide a secure and permanent connection when used with Bandimex Bands.
- The buckles come in different sizes to accommodate various band widths and thicknesses.
- Some designs include a “wing seal” feature that allows for easy threading and tensioning of the band.

3. Applications:

- Widely used in industries such as automotive, marine, construction, telecommunications and electrical installations.
- Ideal for securing hoses, cables, pipes, and other objects that require strong and reliable fastening.

4. Installation:

- Easy to install using Bandimex banding tools, which cut, tension and seal the band efficiently.
- Ensure a consistent and secure fit, reducing the risk of loosening or failure under stress.

5. Advantages:

- High tensile strength ensures the bands stay securely fastened even under heavy loads or in dynamic conditions.
- Resistant to environmental factors such as UV radiation, chemicals, and saltwater making them suitable for outdoor and marine applications.
- Provides a versatile and adjustable fastening solution for a wide range of applications.

Bandimex buckles are a critical component of the Bandimex banding system, providing the reliability and strength needed for demanding industrial applications.

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