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Quotation and Ordering

Request for Quotation (RFQ)   |   Invitation to Bid (ITB)

Yes, you can send your RFQ or ITB to us.

We have dedicated Sales Team to attend and immediately respond to your inquiries and requirements.

We can also help you save money through discount for large volume orders.

How does it go?

  • Just simply attach your RFQ or ITB to this email or you can go direct to "Contact Us" for the same purpose.
  • Our Sales Team will respond to your email with an attached quotation and datasheet(s).
  • For your convenience and reference, datasheets are also available in the DevcoPhil Website. This will help you assess and evaluate your requirements.

Ordering Method

Purchase Order (P.O.)

Just simply attach your Purchase Order (P.O.) to or you can go direct to “Contact Us” for the same purpose.

Our DevcoPhil Admin Team will process your order upon confirmation and verification, and will coordinate with our Logistics Team for the shipment and delivery of your goods to your desired location.