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Bandimex Band

Bandimex Band B-202, Full Round Edge, 1/4 in. Width, 0.50 mm Thk., SS-CrNi, 30m/roll

Stock No.: 002-222

Mfr. Part No.: B 202

Brand: Bandimex

Origin: Germany

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₱1,946.43 - ₱3,294.64
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Bandimex Bands are high-quality stainless steel banding products designed for heavy-duty securing, clamping and fastening application. Known for their durability and reliability, these bands are used in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, marine, construction and telecommunications.


1. Materials:

- Made from premium stainless steel, ensuring excellent resistance to corrosion, weathering and harsh environmental conditions.

2. Design:

- Available in various widths (typically ranging from 6.4mm to 19mm) and thicknesses to accommodate different load requirements.
- Supplied in rolls, allowing for customizable lengths to suit specific applications.
- Edges are rounded to ensure safety during handling and installation.

3. Application:

- Used in a wide range of industries for securing hoses, cables, pipes, signs, insulation, and other objects that require a strong, durable fastening solution.
- Ideal for applications that require resistance to environmental factors such as UV radiation, chemicals and saltwater.

4. Installation:

- Installed using specialized Bandemix tools that cut, tension, and seal the bands to ensure a secure and efficient installation.
- Compatible with Bandimex buckles and clips, which provided a reliable and adjustable connection.

5. Advantages:

- High tensile strength and flexibility, making them suitable for both static and dynamic loads.
- Long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance required, even in challenging environment.

Bandimex bands are known for their quality and performance, making them a preferred choice for professionals who need reliable and durable banding solutions in demanding environments.

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